Green Building Alliance Mission Statement
The Green Building Alliance (GBA) is a group of design and construction professionals working together to create a more sustainable built environment.

Who are members of the Green Building Alliance?
The Alliance members include local architects, engineers, landscape architects, interior designers, contractors, realtors and related professionals—many with award-winning credentials—who are committed to the design and construction of environmentally sustainable projects.

Who are supporters of the Green Building Alliance?
The Alliance supporters are professionals and companies that manufacture and market green building products.

Who does the Green Building Alliance serve?
The Alliance serves people who want to create healthy, environmentally friendly homes, workplaces and landscapes.

How does the process work?
The Alliance is your one-stop source for experienced green building professionals committed to green building.  Please contact us for a comprehensive list of knowledgeable members ready to assist you in making your surroundings environmentally friendly.  From our list you can select and interview individual professionals of your choice, according to your specific project needs.  GBA recommends a design-build team approach whenever possible.  With a team of GBA members, a more comprehensive approach can be incorporated, helping to increase sustainability, while reducing project costs.

What is green building?
Green building is the design, construction, and operation of projects that minimize the use of energy, water, and materials while cutting waste and improving health and air quality.  Reduce, reuse, and recycle are key strategies for green building.

Why build green?
To create healthier homes and workplaces.  People who live and work in green buildings and landscapes enjoy greater health and comfort.

To save operating costs.  Reducing heat loss, using natural ventilation, and harnessing solar energy cuts heating and cooling bills.  Green landscapes use less water, chemicals and maintenance.

To protect the environment.  Improvement in resource efficiency means less use of energy, water, wood, metal, etc.  Careful siting of buildings and conservation of plants, animals, and natural habitats, decrease the impact on the environment.

In 1999 architect Dennis Thompson and contractor Dennis Allen met to discuss promoting green building. They soon discovered that many of their colleagues in the design and construction industry, including some members from The Sustainability Project, a local non-profit, wished to join them. This new group wanted to provide growing numbers of green-aware clients with quality, sustainable design and construction.  At the first GBA planning meeting on June 22, 1999 attendees decided to form a group of green building experts.  They developed a name, a logo and a marketing campaign.  The Green Building Alliance’s first by-laws were adopted in June, 2001.