John D. Kelley

Award-winning architect John D. Kelley specializes in environmentally friendly design. He has been involved in design and construction since 1972. Starting as a general contractor, John became a licensed architect in 1988 and the following year opened his own architectural firm. His completed projects in California, Colorado and Utah include homes and remodels as well as offices, restaurants, classrooms, libraries and auditoriums.

John has a long standing commitment to green building. A founding member of the Sustainability Project and the Green Building Alliance, he chaired the Green Building Now conference in 1996. John led the creation of the Green Building Guidelines for Santa Barbara and teaches green building classes for Adult Education. John’s innovative designs incorporate natural daylight and ventilation, energy efficient electrical and mechanical systems, water conservation, low-impact non-toxic building materials, and solar energy.

Emphasizing a team approach, he works with clients, consultants and contractors to create beautiful and livable homes and workplaces that respect the environment.

John D. Kelley / AIA
1228 San Miguel Avenue
Santa Barbara, CA  93109
Phone (805) 963-1013
Fax (805) 963-014