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Isabelle Greene & Associates is a Landscape Architectural firm dedicated to creating excellent design within the context of sustainable living. Our passion for enduring results is apparent in our landscapes, which age well and flow with the land and climate naturally, conserving water, energy, and materials.

We make allies of natural systems, resulting in substantial benefit and savings. Dry creek beds and other aesthetic elements retain on-site drainage, ensuring healthy plantings and survival of deep-rooted trees: when appropriate, alternative systems may cleanse waste water and convert it into irrigation. By encouraging the use of plants that naturally thrive in the given environment and by promoting the best garden practices, we minimize the need for water, maintenance, and chemical pesticide and fertilizer products—providing significant benefit and savings. We work actively with other professionals, obtaining the best site and solar orientation for the structures. This collaboration extends for the duration of construction and beyond, as we work to fit grading, retaining, and site features suitably to the land.

Isabelle herself actively encourages green building in the community. She sits on The Sustainability Project’s Board for Land Use, is a founding member of the Green Building Alliance; she lectures on Traffic Calming and participates in research and conferences and research for Making Cities Livable. She is well known internationally through the many publications of her works and through her active lecturing.

We find our completed works of landscape immensely gratifying, and seek clients who share the same concern for the environment.

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