The Green Building Alliance membership consists of Members and Supporters, professionals who are at the top of their fields in the green building industry.

Alliance Members include local architects, engineers, landscape architects, interior designers, contractors, realtors and related professionals—many with award-winning credentials—who are committed to the design and construction of sustainable projects.

Green Building Alliance Supporters include individuals and companies manufacturing and marketing green products. For information on becoming a Supporter, click here.

The GBA Board votes on potential Member candidates by evaluating credentials, knowledge, and services offered.  The current membership must endorse each candidate’s acceptance.

We request that any interested individual or company submit a letter of interest summarizing their purpose in joining the GBA and the individual’s or company’s qualifications/experience in green design and construction.

Part of membership responsibility includes being active on board committees, GBA booth participation at local events and staying current with membership dues.

Please email your application materials to

Thank you for your interest in Green Building.

Current Green Building Alliance Members

John D. Kelley Architect
Andrulaitis + Mixon Architects
Poirier + Associates Architects

Van Sande Structural Consultants
Flowers & Associates, Inc.

Solar Contractors
SunPacific Solar Electric Inc.

Landscape Architects
Arcadia Studio
Isabelle Greene & Associates